Sister Sarah's Sky is the 1st feature film from Bright Blue Gorilla made way back in 2005!

It's the music-driven story of a 14-year girl from a conservative Connecticut family who spends the summer in California with her Bohemian Aunt & Uncle & their eccentric artist friends. (Basically an accurate description of Bright Blue Gorilla's lifestyle.)

Sister Sarah's Sky is not rated but would probably get a PG.

Sister Sarah's Sky stars Sarah Rosenkrantz in her first movie role. A stellar performance for the then 14-year-old actress. It also stars other notables from television and film such as Stephen Markle (West Wing, JAG, The O.C. and countless other TV shows & feature films), and the fabulous Italian actor Francesco Mazzini (who plays title character from "Mr. Rudolpho's Jubilee", and who is also in Lose With English and The Mind of Henry Lime). With a wonderful performance by Burton Jespersen as Sarah's "conscience".

sss fellini from sister sarahs sky
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