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The Mind of Henry Lime is the 2nd Feature Film from Bright Blue Gorilla.

Henry Lime won "Best Comedy Feature" at the SMTV film festival in Bombay, India,
along with other festival awards.

It's not rated but would probably be PG.

Henry Lime sells security fences to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Lately something's wrong: he can't sleep, his memory's shot, he can't sell a thing. He sees a television commercial for a new prescription drug called Lazarine. He takes it and it works like a charm - with one small side-effect: a hallucination by the name of Amanda who won't go away and is determined to help Henry - no matter how much trouble she causes. Add to the mix a German psychiatrist with strong self-preservation instincts, a psychic television star by the name of Aquarius Baldwin-Goldberg, a 16-year-old runaway with a penchant for shoplifting, and a film-noir Detective hooked on horse racing and you have a screwball comedy with some serious laughs.

The Mind of Henry Lime Trailer
Henry Lime Making OfMAKING OF THE MIND
Henry Lime Photos
On-Set Photos from
The Henry Lime shoot!

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Henry Lime Making of 2

Written & Directed by
Michael Glover
Produced by
Robyn Rosenkrantz

Music by Bright Blue Gorilla
Assistant Director:
Daniel Rosenkrantz
Creative Consultant:
Fred Beshid
Sound Consultant:
Sandy Berman
Psychiatric Consultant:
Samuel Glover M.D.
Europe Cinema Consultant:
Anton van Amersfoort
On-set massage:
Anna Dekker
Production Assistant:
Kayla Kokkonen

"It was as if Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch were sitting beside me, laughing and enjoying themselves."
[H.P. Daniels, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin]

"I think Henry Lime is such a funny and
inventive film, congrats!!!"

Laurits Munch-Petersen, Oscar-Winning Director

"Very funny, so clever and a wonderful ensemble group you've put together. Just the bits - the Tarot readings, hiding under the desk, and the central premise - Henry and his "friends" is just wonderful. A very clever and wonderful piece of film-making - nothing complicated, just funny -- a very tough thing to pull off."

Michael Berlin, Writer for Film & Television
"Happiness Comes
With Slight Side-Effects"

[Excerpts of Danish Review of The Mind of Henry Lime]

"The Mind of Henry Lime is a bizarre roller coaster ride through the collapsing mind of a very unfortunate man... a retort on the pharmaceutical industry pushing drugs to all of us  - drugs that supposedly work miracles, with merely minor side-effects. Henry Lime dishes up an excess of compelling features and does so with courage to break standards... It's a front-row seat to the fall and rise of Average Joe Henry Lime..."

Morten Berthelsen  - AFIA Daily - Denmark
Cast List for The Mind of Henry Lime:
Burton Jespersen as Henry Lime
Kristin James as Amanda
Fred Beshid as Fred
Sarah Rosenkrantz as Trinity Baldwin
Josh T. Ryan as Detective
Joseph Beck as Bob McTavish
Jim Petersmith as Mac McTavish
Denise Devin as Sheila
Henry James as Dr. Schmetterling
Janna Marit as Janna the Receptionist
Robyn Rosenkrantz as Aquarius Baldwin-Goldberg
Michael Dunnas Walter Fenton Dryfus III
Michael Glover as Stan the Pharmacist
Francesco Mazzini as Senior Pharmacist
Peter Zupanc as Mugger
David Zink as Plain Clothes Detective I
Wendy Arimah Trinidad as Plain Clothes Detective II
Sarah Ruth Ryan as Reality T.V. Director:
Lucius Bryant III as Reality T.V. Producer
Zombie Joe as Harvey Stemple
Daniel Rosenkrantz as Reality T.V. Cameraman
Geoffrey Wysong as Rent-A-Cop 1
Norm Rosenkrantz as SCAM Awards Announcer
Simone Rosenkrantz as SCAM Awards Presenter
Dawn Meyer as Waitress at Snorkle Resort
Donna Caesar - Rent-a-cop 3/Warehouse Worker
Daniel Rosenkrantz -  Rent-a-cop 2/Warehouse Worker

S.C.A.M. Awards:
Stanley Gendelman
Carolyn & Lawrence Gilbert
Alma K. Braverman
Leah & Stan Levy
Lenore H. Eisenstein
Pearl Casden
Loyce D. McWee
James M. McWee
Suzanne Popel
Shirley Schnyder
Estelle Schwartz
Al J. Spero
Frank Lieberman
Paula Berg
Tracy Canan
Sharon Powell
Darilyn Suber
Penny Comsia
Nancy Cormier
Milton Jacobsen
Esther Spero


Lazarine Commercial
Denmark Shoot:

Brett Perkins
Lisbeth Barkhuus
Jesper Mejlvang
Emma Dalbaek Mejlvang
Signe Dalbaek Mejlvang
Chanette Dalbaek
Martin, Mette & Ida Hoybye
Troels Skovgaard
Helle Hansen
Maja Meilie Paasgaard Hansen
Peter Paasgaard Schmidt
Italy Shoot:
Luigi Gagliardi
Netherlands Shoot:
Arletta Albers
Julia Schasfoort


Customers in
Sales Montage:
Phyllis Babila
Ann O'Brien
Andre Bunt
Anna Dekker
Salli Jo Doud
Bill Matthies
Mike Spek
Eve Weiss

Laila Jensen
Flavio Cucchi
Pieter de Groote
Okke de Groote
Michael Freerix
Christof Wedig
Ricardo Heuer
Eduardo Sukys
Mary Beth Henson
Paul Lotrus
Peter Zupanc
Pedro Hendel
Olgierd Kurowski
Izabela Wierzbinska

Special thanks to:

Maribeth McFaul (S.C.A.M. Banner)
Moira Smiley
Max Beshid
Wayne Metcalf
Serv-U Pharmacy and
Ira & Dianne Erenberg

Clorinda Resale Shop in
South Pasadena, CA
Mission Viejo Public Library
Jonathan Grossman
Laure Gunning Grossman
Owen Grossman
Eve & Marty Weiss

Salli Jo Doud
Harry Meeker
We Wah Ong
Lori Phelps-Zink
Denise & Mark Klitsie
Christen Buchanan
Mark Davis
and last but not least:
Norm & Simone Rosenkrantz
and Burton Jespersen!